Loungeroom Livestreaming

About Loungeroom Livestreaming

Welcome to the lounge! We're a livestreaming platform built to support artists and live venues. When COVID-19 hit, we realised most options that allowed artists to monetise their work online, also came with some exorbitant upfront fees. The platforms that didn't completely price artists out of using their service were clogged with streams and often focused on gaming.

That's where we come in! We're focused exclusively on the creative industries. We also give all artists access to a range monetisation options with no upfront fee. We offer fool-proof one-click streaming, customisation options for your videos, and we even support third party apps. Through us, artists can offer paid and pay-as-you-feel livestreamed shows, reaching their community in real-time, in a way that is accessible for all Australians.

Founded by Australian artists and academics, Loungeroom Livestreaming is a hub of creativity and Australian ingenuity.


Dr. Karen Lowry is our managing partner. She runs this show! As well as being a project management extrodinaire, Karen is also a design lecturer at SAE Institute in Perth. She has previously worked as the Festival Coordinator and Chairperson for WA Poets Inc and has a PhD in internet studies and creative writing. She works as a freelance journalist, UX designer and novelist

Andrew Goodlich is a partner and brand director. He's responsible for our incredible logo and brand! Andy is a multi-award winning designer, creative director and brand manager. His awards include the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award, one of America’s highest honours. He has been a director and owner of creative agencies,servicing top 500 companies for over 30 years.

Benjamin Lowry is a partner and Software Director. He actually made the site and continues to update it. Ben is a senior software consultant for Telstra Purple who has spoken at events and conferences around Australia.

Want to get involved? Email us at gig@loungeroom.live.